Course curriculum

  • 1

    Problems #1 and #2 I don't cover as much as I want and the students don't make enough progress

    • Coursebooks Intro

    • Intro and outline: choose your coursebook

    • Assessing how much time you have for the coursebook

    • Problem #1: I don't cover as much as I want

    • Completing the coursebook = completing the level

    • Assessing content and level of your coursebook

    • Problem #2: students don't make the progress I want

    • Discussion and tasks

  • 2

    Problems #3 and #4: underplanning and overplanning

    • The desire for photocopies and preparation: care and guilt

    • Some further issues with coursebooks and two common designs

    • Language and learning

    • Two mindsets and adding value

  • 3

    Problems #5, #6 and #7: not enough speaking, we can't cover enough grammar and students don't talk

    • Intro and outline: adding and supporting speaking

    • Questions about speaking

    • Recognising all the opportunities for speaking and the affordances they give

    • Exploiting affordances and covering grammar

    • From planning to classroom practice

    • Problem #7: The speaking task fails

    • Discussion and tasks

  • 4

    Problems #8 and #9 students don't don't know enough vocabulary and they don't use what I teach!

    • Supporting speaking through vocabulary: Introduction and outline

    • My vocabulary teaching

    • The Problem of Lexical Sets

    • Supporting speaking: choosing the right words

    • Plan better: examples models and patterns

    • Thinking about the questions we ask

    • Plan better questions: exploring co-text

    • Plan better questions: exploring other aspects of word knowledge

    • Adding speaking: personal questions based on vocab

    • Discussion and task

  • 5

    Problem #10: the text is boring

    • Intro and outline: Texts and purpose

    • Assessing the texts in a coursebook

    • Increase interest and engagement through speaking tasks

    • Focus on frequent vocab

    • Re-telling and discussion from vocab

    • Discussion and task

  • 6

    Problems #11 and #12: students forgetting and the lack of recycling

    • Intro and outline: methodology and recycling

    • Making use of all the coursebook support

    • Making use of the wordlist and supporting homework

    • Revision and making use of students' notes

  • 7

    Planning a unit

    • Task: planning a unit from Outcomes

    • Following a unit of Outcomes and adding value

  • 8

    Links and Feedback

    • Additional reading and links

    • Feedback

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